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Basic Info
Type: Land Mammal
Regions: '
Terrain: '
Skin: 4 lbs of fur
Weight: 65-80 lbs
Speed: '
Movement Types: Walking
Health: '
Hunting Information
Best Weapon: '
Trap Type: '
Bait: '
Armor Protection
Average: '
Warmth: '
Tear: '
Edge: '
Squeeze: '
Point: '
Blunt: '
Butcher Yield
Butcher: 30-40 meat cuts, 0.6 lbs of fat

Dogs are one of the most useful domestic animals. They can be traded for in many villages. Not only are they able to carry around 70 pounds of equipment, they can fight for you, and are very good at doing so. Be warned, though - once off the leash, they will not necessarily return to you on their own. However, if your dog is nearby, it can be recalled using the "Come!" command from the Chat menu. Dog hides give fur when tanned.

A dog needs to be put on a leash as soon as it is bought or it will run away. When you buy a dog you are also given a rope. Apply the rope to the dog to leash it. You can tie them on a single tree or fence (or separate them to feed them more properly)

Dogs need to be fed regularly and will bark in hunger whenever they need food. To feed dogs, drop food within their reach and leave it there. Throwing food at the dog is another quick way to do this. Some times dogs won't see nearby food, just command them to eat now. Dogs will not eat unpaid food in the villages, but if there's nobody, they will happily eat it. Dogs eat raw meat and fish, fat and some cooked meals. When dogs are full, commanding them to eat now will cause them bark in disagreement.

Furthermore, after feeding food (by [t]hrowing or leaving on the ground) to a leashed dog, it is possible to name your dog as well as leave it off the leash. It will become loyal and follow you around.

Male or Female CarryLoad Big/Average/Small lbs #ArrowCost Big/Average/Small
Male ?/?/? 41/?/27
Female 99-101/67/60-64 42/30/26


Dogs are highly effective in combat against hostile NPCs and prey animals, especially when more than one are used at once. Dogs can be commanded to attack a chosen target using the "Attack!" command from the Chat menu, but note that if the target is a friendly NPC the dog will refuse to attack and bark in disagreement. Hostile foes (shown with red dashes above their sprite) will be automatically targeted by dogs, and if the dog is leashed it will still attack if the foe is adjacent to them.

When used in hunting, dogs will chase down their prey and sometimes attack them. The chance of the dog attacking is related to the prey's size- dogs will almost always attack and kill small animals, whereas they will often chase and run circles around large animals such as Elk without attacking them. Dogs do not tire quickly, but will stop chasing prey and attempt to return to the player if the player takes too long to catch up with them.

As an example of their strength, several unleashed dogs can kill a Njerpez without the player's help.

Injured dogs cannot be directly healed by the player, but they will recover over time.

Dogs will stop running away and circle a small area for several turns if a hunting horn is used.

Real life context

The appearance of the dog in UnReal World seems to be based most closely on the Finnish Spitz, a very old type of breed whose ancestors go back as far as Finnish prehistory: