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Crafting skill

Blood of ages, stop thy coursing
From the veins of the magician;
Stand like heaven's crystal pillars,
Stand like columns in the ocean,
Stand like birch-trees in the forest,
Like the tall reeds in the marshes,
Like the high-rocks on the sea-coast,
Stand by power of mighty magic!
~ [The Kalevala - Rune IX by Elliot Lonnrot]

Physician is the skill you use to take care of your injuries. In order to do that you need bandages and water, although some wounds require different things. For example, broken bones require a bandage and a branch (to use as a splint) and frostbite just needs the presence of a fire. The bandage does not have to be at maximum condition to be used. To use physician skill, press Alt+p, and select the wound you want to heal. If the wound has been left for too long, been previously treated or has a coloured square to the right of its name, it cannot be healed.

Alternatively, the player can ask a village sage to heal them. You may ask them regardless, so that they can help whatever they can to speed the healing.

Several herbs have healing properties.

This skill can be trained in winter, by treating minor frostbites.

If you have high skill, the little boxes on the wounds screen [F7] will turn dark green and the wounds will heal faster. If the wound is dark green it doesn't need more treatment, but if it is another colour then you can treat it some more.

Some types of wounds can't get to dark green:

Fractures and serious cuts, deep cuts, crushes can only get to light green at best.

Frostbite can only get to yellow by treating it yourself but a sage can get it to olive green.

Recovering from deadly poisoning
If you are poisoned you should talk to a sage immediately. Recovering from deadly poisoning can be possible due to Sage healing skills. When you first get deadly poisoned it will be dark red. Talk to the sage to get to yellow, then talk to the sage immediately again to get to light green. Even still, with deadly poisoning there is only a 1 in 3 chance you will survive. You also need to either stay awake so that the 8am morning checks happen right at 8am (that is when your poisoning will get better), oryou need to sleep early so you will be awake at 8am. So if it is late afternoon go to bed, or eat some bear pipes or mother pipes to stay awake, one or the other.

If you don't get better that day you may get better the next day.

If you have a pot and some herbs look for ones that reduce toxins when boiled and make yourself some herbal tea to drink.

If you are bleeding you don't need to make bandages, just press on the wound with your hands (F7, select the wound, select herbs if you have any but don't worry if you don't). You will bleed to death if you try to do anything else before stoping the bleeding. This isn't a papercut, you are bleeding out!

It is good to keep some milkweed or yarrow in your inventory in case you do start bleeding because those are very good for that. If you start bleeding, you won't have time to go find a plant and pick it.