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Welcome to UnReal World Wiki

...into browsing and contributing we shall take you -- default -- as far as we can by the means of Wiki...

"New To UnReal World?"
About UnReal World
Basic Concepts
Calendar | Time Character Creation
Clothing Cultures
Crafting Eating and Drinking
Equipment Fishing
Hunting Spells and magic means
Skills Status
Trading Weapons
"Updating the Wiki"
Wiki Editing Guide Wiki Standards
Wiki Templates
"Additional Things"
Chat Mood Music
Modding UnReal World List of Mods
Getting Started
Acquiring food Keyboard commands
"Living in the wild" Walkthrough Let's Play
Winter Survival
Objects in the game
Animals Food and Food Recipes
Items Plants
Trees Traps
The Noaidi's Fire
Lore from the Kalevala The Book of Tales
Wiki Translations
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