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There is an Unreal World IRC Chatroom for players, where you can discuss everything about URW (and other stuff as well).

The IRC channel at ##urw You can connect using any client like MIRC or IRSSI.

You can find every information needed here:

UrwBot lives in the IRC chatroom.


UrwBot only speaks when spoken to. If you talk to it privately with '/msg urwbot' or '/notice urwbot', it will answer you privately. If you talk in the public channel, address it "urwbot: " or "urwbot, " so that it knows you are talking to it. It is okay to use the bot in the public channel, but if you are going to be talking with it a lot, it is better to talk to it privately so that you don't disturb the conversation.

Urwbot commands:


urwbot, hi
hi, urwbot

If you greet urwbot (in a number of ways), it will now respond.

Quiet mode

urwbot, be quiet
urwbot, shut up
urwbot, that's enough
urwbot, quiet mode on

Sometimes people use urwbot too much in the channel and that makes it hard to have a conversation. If anybody says "urwbot, be quiet", "urwbot, shut up", or "urwbot, that's enough", the bot will PM long answers to queries (>100 characters) instead of saying them in channel. Quiet mode will expire in 6 hours, unless activated by an operator, then it will remain until the bot is rebooted or until an operator turns it off:

urwbot, be noisy
urwbot, quiet mode off

If a channel operator wants the bot to make noise in the public channel again, they can turn quiet mode off


/msg urwbot kick troll

If someone is causing trouble in the channel, you can ask urwbot to kick them. If enough people do this, the troll will be kicked. They can rejoin later if they want to, unless a channel operator bans them too.

Ask and tell

/msg urwbot ask person question
/msg urwbot tell person message

If you want to tell somebody who uses IRC something, you can pass a message to them with urwbot. If they are in the channel when you do this, urwbot will wait until they write something so that urwbot knows they are paying attention. If they're not in the room at the moment, urwbot will pass them the message next time they join. You don't have to get their whole name, a message for "Plotinus" will be delivered to "Plotinus|afk" too because this is usually the same person.


/msg urwbot remind

This will set a reminder for you. The reminder can be up to 3 minutes too late, so it is best to use it for things where the exact time doesn't matter so much. "Remind me in 5 hours to go to bed" "Remind me on January 5th to pay rent privately". If you include the word "privately" after the time, or if you ask for the reminder in PM, it will remind you by PM. If you are not in the room when the reminder goes off, the message will not be kept for you.


/msg urwbot legacy

The legacy character is a character that we pass around in IRC. Each person plays a month, then sends it to the next person. You can join the legacy game if you plan to come in IRC and chat with us regularly and if you're looking to get to know other people's playstyles. When you get a character, you should check out its rules. Then read and add to the file _notes.txt. You then have one month of real life time to play your character.

If you will need longer than that to play one month of game time, you should pass the character unfinished onto the next person, otherwise you will be skipped and marked as away. Usually it takes much less time to play a character than that. After you send the character to the next person, it is good to not delete the file for a while because if someone goes missing without passing it on, we may need to backtrack to the file you have.

Urwbot handles the minutae of the legacy game.

/msg urwbot legacy join YourEmail@Address

This tells urwbot you want to join the legacy game and be sent legacy characters by e-mail. If you don't want e-mails but want people to upload the character and then PM you, type something to that effect, just include an @ symbol somewhere in the text, for example "urwbot, legacy join upload @ MediaFire please" will set your e-mail address to "upload @ MediaFire please"

/msg urwbot legacy leave

This is the opposite of legacy join. This is telling urwbot that you don't want to play in the legacy games any longer. You must pass on your character to the next player before leaving the game.

/msg urwbot legacy away

This is leaving for a short while with the intention of coming back later. You will lose your place in line when this happens but this way you don't have to worry about receiving a character while you are on vacation.

/msg urwbot legacy back

When you are back from being away, let urwbot know.

/msg urwbot legacy mail

If you have a character, this command will tell you the e-mail address of the next person in line. The e-mail address will be sent to you by private message, not displayed in channel.

If you do not have a character, you can use this command to change your e-mail address. Just type the new e-mail address like so: /msg urwbot legacy mail email@address

/msg urwbot legacy sent

After you send the character to the next person, you tell the bot that you have done so with the legacy sent command.

/msg urwbot legacy skip person

If you take longer than a month to play your character, UrwBot will remind its owner about this. The owner will see if the last player still has the character they sent you, or if necessary, the player before that. When they find the latest available version of the character, they will use this command to pass the character on to the next person in line so that the game can continue, and mark you as away. When you are ready to come back, you can say "urwbot, legacy back".

/msg urwbot legacy rule

Most legacy characters have some rules about what you are allowed to do when you play them.

If you want to see the character's rules, type their name, for example Laila:

/msg urwbot legacy rule laila

If it is your turn to play a legacy character, you can add a rule:

/msg urwbot legacy rule You are an obsessive squirrel fur hunter. Always attack squirrels and never trade away squirrel furs.
/msg urwbot legacy died

If you are careless with the legacy character and it dies, notify the channel this way.

/msg urwbot legacy new

If you have played a month of a new character's life and are ready to pass it on to the next person, use "legacy new" to add it to the game, then "legacy mail" and "legacy sent" to pass it on.

/msg urwbot legacy next

To find out who is next in the legacy game. This is also displayed in the chat topic at all times

/msg urwbot legacy char

To find a list of all the current legacy characters. This is also displayed in the chat topic at all times

/msg urwbot legacy players

To see a full list of all the players in the game, who is active, who has a character, and who is away.

/msg urwbot legacy shuffle

This shuffles the list of whose turn it is. For example if you are playing a character Laila, and after you John was next last time you both had Laila, and he's next again this time, that's pretty boring, because the fun part of the legacy game is seeing everyone's style. So you can do "legacy shuffle" to make somebody else be next.

Yes or no

If you ask urwbot a yes or no question, it will answer with Yes or no chosen at random. It knows most English question words. Example:

/msg urwbot should I make some hot cocoa?


Bug is a list of game breaking bugs in the current stable version. When a new version is released, these are mostly marked as fixed.

/msg urwbot bug

This lists the current game breaking bugs. As of 25 December 2014, there aren't any.

/msg urwbot bug fixed 0

This marks bug number 0 as being fixed.

/msg urwbot bug new Flatbread are deadly poisonous (this is not true! this is just an example!)

This tells urwbot about a new bug. If you want the bug to be actually fixed you need to report it on the forums. "urwbot, bug" exists to warn players about any serious gamebreaking bugs that might negatively affect their game play, but it is not the appropriate channel for reporting new bugs.

Smoke and Dry

/msg urwbot smoke early fallow
/msg urwbot dry late soil

If you tell the bot what time of year it is, it will tell you when your food will be ready. If you try to trick it by asking it to dry meat at a time of the year when meat cannot be dried, it will correct you that you smoke the meat and tell you when your smoked meat will be ready.


For a very small subset of languages, you can ask it if it speaks these languages and it will say no.


urwbot has its own mini wiki. You can teach it stuff in a few ways:

urwbot, the sky is blue

This creates a new topic "the_sky" with the content "The sky is blue"

urwbot, bears are dangerous

This creates a new topic "bear" with the content "Bears are dangerous"

urwbot, new fact sheep can be milked

This creates a new topic "sheep" with the content "Sheep can be milked". You cannot add facts via private message.

urwbot, edit fact the_sky [1] The sky is grey

This edits the first fact urwbot knows about the_sky (it might know more than one) to now say "the sky is grey". You cannot edit facts via private message.

urwbot, del fact the_sky [1]
urwbot, delete fact the_sky [1]
urwbot, forget fact the_sky [1]

All three of these deletes the first fact that urwbot knows about the sky. You can not delete facts via private message.

/msg urwbot list facts 1

This will list the first 30 topics urwbot knows. "list facts 2" will list facts 31-60.

/msg urwbot random fact

This will give you a random fact from urwbot's database.

To learn what urwbot knows about a topic, ask it a question:

/msg urwbot what is agriculture
/msg urwbot how are you
/msg urwbot why am I bleeding
/msg urwbot who is Plotinus

To access a specific article, use numbers enclosed in []

/msg urwbot what cave [1]
/msg urwbot what cave [2]

Urwbot, much like people sometimes, doesn't really like to come out and say it doesn't know what you're talking about, so if it says something like "That's personal" or "I'd rather not talk about that", it means you're asking it about something it doesn't know.

Finding items

/msg urwbot saw shovel in driik

When you enter a village or talk to some traders and see what they have for sale, it is good to tell urwbot what things were found were. When a new version comes out, it will tell you what it knows about items in the new version, and also tell you where things used to be found in the old version. These are the places it knows about: "OWL tribe, KIEsse, FORester, foreign TRAders, SEAl tribe, KAUmo, REEmi, ISLander, KUIkka, NJErpez, SARtola, KOIvula, DRIik" It is enough to just use the letters I have capitalised here, but you can use the whole name if you wish.

/msg urwbot find shovel

This will give an answer like: "I don't know where shovel can be found in 3.20. In 3.19, shovel could be found in: Driik, Reemi, Sartola. I only know what players like you have told me, so you might be able to find one somewhere else, too. If you do, let me know with urwbot, saw shovel in REGION"

Bait for animals

/msg urwbot hare ate turnip root

If you bait a loop snare with a turnip root, and you catch a hare, and after you kill the hare, the turnip is gone, you know that the hare ate the turnip. If you tell urwbot about it, future players will know how to attract hares.

/msg urwbot hare didn't eat raw meat

If you bait a loop snare with a raw bear cut, and you catch a hare, but the raw bear cut is still there, you know that the hare didn't eat it. This means that the loop snare attracted the hare, but it didn't like the raw bear cut. If you tell the bot about this, future players will know not to waste meat on vegetarian hares (unless they also want to catch carniverous birds...)

/msg urwbot bait for hare

This will tell you all that urwbot knows about the diet of the hare, what it eats and doesn't eat in this version, and anything it knew about the diet of the hare in the last version too.


/msg urwbot thank you
/msg urwbot thanks
/msg urwbot ty

UrwBot will say you're welcome. It has a few different ways of saying it.

new release

If you are a channel Operator, you can tell urwbot about a new release

/msg urwbot new stable 3.25
/msg urwbot new beta 3.21 beta 1
/msg urwbot new patch 1

When a new version of the game is released, the bot will update the channel topic. If it's a new version, it will create a backup of what it knows about where items are found and what animals eat and don't eat, and it will create a new file for learning about what they eat in the new version.


It is most efficient to dry or smoke meat in stacks of 19. If you do not have your 19 times table memorised, you can tell urwbot how much meat you have

/msg urwbot meat 235

It will tell you that you will need 12 cords and have 7 meat cuts left over. This is useful if you are very hungry and want to roast the remainder right away.


This is the inverse of meat.

/msg urwbot cord 5

It will tell you "You can dry 77-95 meat cuts with that many cords."


/msg urwbot joke

This will tell you a joke that Plotinus finds funny. There are a lot of different jokes here.

/msg urwbot what joke

There are also a small amount of user added jokes that you can access with the "what joke" command

urwbot, joke is What's brown and sticky? A stick!

This adds the joke "What's brown and sticky? A stick!" to the user added jokes.


/msg urwbot fortune

This uses the linux program fortune to generate a random quote or saying. Some of them are funny.

Google, duckduckgo, ddg

/msg urwbot google what is the smallest previously undiscovered prime
/msg urwbot duckduckgo Is 1/4, 1/4i in the mandelbrot set
/msg urwbot ddg Burning ship fractal

All of these commands will create a link for you to click that will answer your question.


/msg urwbot irc

This gives you a brief overview of what the basic IRC commands are and how to use them.


/msg urwbot food

This gives you a random food to try to prepare


This is pretty epic and there are thousands of different quests which appear at different frequencies. Some quests show up less than once in 10000 times!

/msg urwbot quest

This will give you a completely random quest

/msg urwbot what quest

This will give you a user added quest

/msg urwbot quest is Give a fox fur to a maiden

This will add a new user added quest "Give a fox fur to a maiden"

/msg urwbot quest rule

This will give you a quest and a rule (see rule section below) at once

/msg urwbot quest other

This will give you a quest of the subtype "difficult to categorise"

/msg urwbot quest herb

This will give you a fetch quest to get some amount of a plant and give it to a sage

/msg urwbot quest slay

This will give you a quest to kill something. Sometimes it will specify what kind of weapon you have to use to do the killing.

/msg urwbot quest skin

This will give you a quest to skin something and make a fur or leather of a certain quality.

/msg urwbot quest buy

This will give you a quest to buy or craft something. The something might be an item, a field, a trap fence, a house, or a kota

/msg urwbot quest move

This will give you a quest to pack up what you can carry and move somewhere else.

/msg urwbot quest sacrifice

This will give you a quest to sacrifice something, generally by destroying it.

/msg urwbot quest skill

This will give you a quest to improve one of your skills.

New in

This is a combination of quests and a guided tour of everything the game has to offer. Type a version number and urwbot will tell a feature that is still in the game today that was added in that version and a quest for exploring it.

/msg urwbot new in 3.20

As of December 2014, it knows about these versions: 3.20, 3.19, 3.18, 3.17, 3.16, 3.15, 3.14, 3.13, 3.12, 3.11, 3.10, 3.04, 3.03, 3.02, 3.01, 3.00, 2.92, 2.91, 2.90, 2.80, 2.70, 2.60, 2.50, 2.40, 2.30, 2.20, 2.15, 2.14, 2.13, 2.12, 2.11, 2.10, 2.09, 2.08, 2.07, 2.06, 2.05, 2.04, 2.03, 2.02. This is explained some more here:


/msg urwbot date

To find out what today's date would be in urw time, for example "25th of Winter"


/msg urwbot month swidden

To find out the important details about the month. You can use the urw calendar or the English calendar

/msg urwbot month april


/msg urwbot plant pea

To learn all there is to know about a type of plant, including spoilery information like what its properties are, where it can be found, exactly when to plant it. It knows all the plants. It will always PM the answer even if you ask it in public.


/msg urwbot start

This is a character generator. It will tell you everything from what your name should be to what options you should pick. Like this, it is completely random.

/msg urwbot start rule

You can ask for a starting rule, too (see below to learn more about rules)

/msg urwbot start newbie

This will give really good advice on how to make the easiest character possible. Recommended for people who are new to the game.

/msg urwbot start easy

This will give advice on making an easy character. Not all of the options will be the easiest possible, but most will. It is only a little bit more challenging than newbie.

/msg urwbot start med

This is a step harder. The advice on what skills to pick will especially make the game a little bit harder, because instead of the best skills it will have you improve the medium skills.

/msg urwbot start hard

This is a hard start. You will be playing a character who is probably on the weak side. You may be asked to put valuable skill points into "weatherlore". This is good if you want a challenge.

/msg urwbot start insane

This is as hard as it gets. Everything in the character setup will be going against you. Do you have what it takes to beat a hard start?


/msg urwbot skills

This will give you a list of 5 random skills

/msg urwbot skills easy

This will give you a list of 12 random skills. The advice on these is neither good nor bad; it is random. Use "urwbot, start newbie" if you want good advice about skills.


/msg urwbot name

This will create a random name. It tries to generate pronouncable names, by mashing vowels and consonants together. If you want a Finnish name, you need to tell it a gender and a culture

/msg urwbot name male kaumo

This will generate a name for a male kaumo character

/msg urwbot name female driik

This will generate a name for a female driik character It understands 13 different gender words, and for the cultures you can describe them by direction, such as ' n ' or "north", by the first few letters, like "ree" for reemi, by number, such as '0' for kaumo.

/msg urwbot name starts with Y

This will generate a name starting with the letter Y, and it will tell you what gender and culture that name belongs to. It will generate a random name if it doesn't know any names starting with that letter.


Rules are guidelines for your character to live by for a while.

/msg urwbot rule

This gives a random rule of any type (except "start" because those are not useful once a character has already been started)

/msg urwbot rule start

This gives a rule for starting the game, such as "Reroll until your strength is below 50%"

/msg urwbot rule food

This gives a rule about what your diet should be like

/msg urwbot rule fight

This gives a rule about how you should fight

/msg urwbot rule habit

This gives a rule I had trouble categorising

/msg urwbot rule phobia
/msg urwbot rule disability

These give you a random disability or phobia to live by.

Disability or Phobia

/msg urwbot phobia
/msg urwbot disability

These give you a random disability or phobia to live by.


/msg urwbot poem

This gives you a random stanza from a poem. Most were written by members of ##urw and all are used with permission. There is an easter egg associated with this.


/msg urwbot help

This gives a list of urwbot commands

Easter Eggs

There are currently two easter eggs. One is related to the poem feature. The other has not yet been found.


The owner of URWBot can puppet the bot. It is pretty easy to tell when this is happening. Urwbot's usual responses happen faster than an ordinary human can type. If urwbot is typing slowly, or is speaking out of turn, it is probably being puppeted.


/msg urwbot topic It is prime This will get urwbot to change the topic of the channel, adding "It is prime" to the end of the channel topic. This feature is currently available to all users of the channel. Abuse of this feature may lead to a change of this policy.


The owner of the bot can ask the bot to quit. This is usually done to add a new feature to the bot or to fix a bug.

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